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Mysore & Coorg Tour - Nature Trail of Virajpete

Nature Trail of Virajpet

  • Club Mahindra Virajpet Resort
  • 3 Hours
Starting from $ 31.52

If you’re looking for fun activities in Virajpet, look no further! We’re offering e-bike experiences that will have you and your gang awestruck with what Virajpet has to offer. When you join us on this nature trail, you will get to see the unseen beauty of Karnataka. This is a perfect tour that can bring you close to nature and help you reconnect with your curiosity. If you’ve ever felt the need to devote yourself to the serenity of a natural environment, Virajpet trip can bring you the aesthetic peace you’re looking for. Ride your electric bike through the mushy paddy fields and aromatic coffee plantations. Taste the authentic and pure honey that Virajpet is so famously known for. Don’t forget to shop for organic spices, cinnamon, and coffee powder in the local bazaars. Our nature trails are beyond sightseeing and mere say activities in Virajpet, as we wish to provide breathtaking views and curated experiences to travellers, not just tourists. Meet the local farmers and witness livestock farming at the grassroots as you meander through the lush greenery around you. Moreover, our curvy routes go through the waterfalls around the town and many breath-taking and magnificent bends. E-cycling through this beautiful town will leave you with mesmerising views that will stay etched in your memory as a reminder of Virajpet's surreal beauty. Explore this quaint and quiet paradise, sustainably by choosing fun over fuel and going eco-friendly on your trip in Virajpet.

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Coorg Tour - Coorg Nature Trail

Coorg Nature Trail (Madikeri)

  • Club Mahindra Madikeri, Coorg
  • 3 Hours
Starting from $ 31.50

If you’re in the process of planning a Coorg trip, your search for ‘top places to visit Coorg’ has come to a fortunate end. Madikeri Nature trail takes you away from the city life and into the quiet countryside. Madikeri is a break for the routine, with quaint shops selling delicious filter coffee, harvested straight from the coffee plantations around. Bordered by stunning hills on all sides, Madikeri is a haven for every nature lover. If you’re looking for a retreat from a fast-paced, monotonous routine, make the most of your vacation with nature trails in Coorg. Kootu Hole Dam is the perfect backdrop for folk tales, history, and storytelling. Our e-bike trail curves along these mountains and makes our tour a relaxing vacation into this countryside. Our experiences are all about going off the mainstream path and exploring the unseen, offbeat route to understand a location more personally. Learn about different brews that are nearly as old as Madikeri and just as warm as the locals. Experience the joy of effortless riding, witness unbelievable scenery, and discover beyond just the top places to visit in Coorg. E-bikes limit your carbon emissions, thereby reducing your footprint. Save about 900 gms of CO2 with this nature trail as you plan your Coorg trip.

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Majestic Mysore Tour

Majestic Mysore

  • The Windflower Resorts
  • 3 Hours
Starting from $ 23.62

There are more than enough places to visit in Mysore if you’re thinking of a weekend getaway from Bangalore. Magnificent architecture, rich heritage, and mouth-watering delicacies are some of the many compelling indulgences that greet tourists coming to Mysore. The city of regal history and honorable heritage, there are many enjoyable things to do in Mysore. Ride around this historic city on effortless e-bikes that offer experiences beyond just a tourist’s typical vacation. Get prepared to be impressed by the diversity of its people and the abundant places to visit in Mysore. Immersed in culture and cuisine, Mysore is one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities. If you’re in the mood to buy some aromatic spices for your kitchen, make sure you don’t skip the local spice bazaars that top the list of places to visit in Mysore. Get to meet the stone art sculptors and greet the silk workers, adept at their profession with the expertise of over a decade. The culture trail is a very picturesque and experiential e-bike expedition for those looking to do offbeat things in Mysore. With Cafe Armane’s delicious Masala Dosa, the pleasant sandalwood incense sticks and architecture that surpasses the test of time, Mysore is waiting to say ‘Swagatam’. Do all of this and much more on easy and eco-friendly e-bikes that are smooth and extremely fun to ride. Come as a tourist and go back as an eco-traveller.

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